My Little Pony - A Canterlot Wedding App Reviews

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Its Okay....

I like this app. Its cute. But it keeps crashing. This can get very annoying AND you cannot save your progress. I also want to point out that it is too short. They should extend it. Maybe by designing the invitations or helping Shining Armor? But otherwise the app is great

I tried to get the app last night at8:36 when I woke up it wasnt loaded

Downloaded by accident & what a waste!

My niece was playing w my phone and she downloaded this app by accident. I have never paid an app ever this is the first time and what a waste because this app dont work! No sound and it freezes up! Wish i can get my money back!!!!

Very boring

Story too short too simple. 7 year old took ten minutes to get to the end.

Constantly Crashing

My daughter was so excited to get this app, but it constantly crashes and causes her no end of frustration. I want my money back!

Keeps crashing

This app kept crashing whenever I got to Flutter Shy and Pinkie Pie! I was very frustrated! I now want my money back!


Its so nice i love it best my little pony app paid i ever seen .


Im so excited about this app!!!!! But it takes SOOOOOO long to the game!!!!!!!!! Please fix this bug!!!!

Awful app!!

My granddaughter gets three quarters through the story and the closes out and doesnt save her work making her start over, this happened three times in 5 minutes. Very frustrating for an app that isnt free!

This game is amazing

Awesome Awesome Awesome




My four year old finished this whole app in less than ten minutes. There are FREE apps out there that last much longer than that! For the price of $2.99 I was hoping I would get more than ten minutes worth. Want my money back.


I got this app,hoping that It would be fun,turns out I was wrong! All it is,is a book and you dont do a lot! This wasted my money and my time,I would prefer the other game where its free and fun! This game is a huge disappointment

Really cool

Amazing but add this: 1.the ability to make the bridesmaids dresses 2.making a pretty hair style by brushing curling putting in highlights 3.making more food(fritters cherry temple etc) 4.more story that stays true to the ep and if you do we should fight the changelings

Crashes and doesnt load properly

I downloaded this game and my daughter has never had the chance to use it fully. It either crashes or doesnt load all the activities. Ive deleted and reinstalled thinking that would fix the problem, but no. Dont waste your $ on this unless you want a disappointed child.

Wish I could give zero stars!

It says there are activities involved. There are none. Its not even the full story from the show. Total waste here.

Where is the game???

This is only a book, very disappointed.

My little poney Camerlot Wedding

Had technical problem but was quickly helped by developer. Cute app, but more of a book than an interactive app.

Cant get it to load

Can only make it to 21% then a message in another language comes up. Resets the load to the start. So frustrating!! I want my money back!!

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