My Little Pony - A Canterlot Wedding App Reviews

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App keeps kicking you off Im the middle of the story. Wont let you go through the whole thing. Checked the website of the developer, but there is no contact info! Paid $ for this, should work well!

Problem !

Pls fix the apps shutdown in the middle of reading !

My little pint - a canterlot wedding

THIS APP IS A WASTE OF MONEY! My daughter played it and finished it in less than 10 minutes. Theres no continuing unless you redo the exact same thing over and over. Will NOT be purchasing any more of these.


(On iphone 4s) first it took forever to downloa properly, then when i open it, choose usa, it says content download failed, please fix this! :(

Not worth 2.99

Just a book? With small activities . Little one was disappointed, she thought it was a world.

Cant get it to load

Can only make it to 21% then a message in another language comes up. Resets the load to the start. So frustrating!! I want my money back!!

My little poney Camerlot Wedding

Had technical problem but was quickly helped by developer. Cute app, but more of a book than an interactive app.



No sound on iPad mini

Such a shame that the sound doesnt work...waste of money!! I want a refund or a fix!!

Doesnt download

I downloaded the app but it was not coming on my i pad mini. What a waste of money. :(

Very bad

The loading is extremely slow. It doesnt work at all.

Doesnt load

This is a waste of money I spent a lot of money on all these games and now I cant get that money back. I hate these games and Im done with your read alongside and crap you ripped us off so dont go parading around about your awesome game cause your ripping innocent people off. Hope your happy

Crashes every time

Daughter is very upset because it keeps crashing. Thanks for taking my money.

What a game

It says it has games but all it is is a a a picture totally needs a update


WONT EVEN LOAD! Its in another language and cannot get app to load to even change this. Very disappointed I even paid for this garbage! REFUND please! Do not purchase this app! My 5 year old is in tears! What a waste!

Great multi language game

You may need more memory if you are having trouble downloading this. I had trouble downloading it but now it is working.

Download Issues

What is wrong with the app? Child was really excited and not work?

No good

This app is a piece of junk. Only 1 star because I had to put something.


When I got this game I didnt look at the reviews which was a huge mistake it doesnt load at all this is not even funny they better fix if soon.


Ive never actually finished the game because Ive never played it without it crashing.

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